Publications of Liberal Association For Movement of People (LAMP)
In English
Sr. No. Name of Books Price
1. Europeans’ Contributions in Calcutta’s Development:
by Sri Malay Dewanji.
Foreword by Dr. Nishith Ranjan Roy.
Rs. 300/-
2. Witchcraft Practices Among the Santhals:
by Sri Pradip Bhattacharya.
Foreword by Dr. Surajit Sinha.
Rs. 70/-
In Bengali
Sr. No. Name of Books Price
1. Ganamadhyam-O-Meyera: A collection of writings on Mass Media and the Women:
Edited by Smt. Sutapa Sarkar.
Rs. 10/-
2. Ganaswasthya Chetana: A Guide book for Community Health Workers:
by Dr. Kalyan Acharya.
Rs. 15/-
3. Paribar Kalyan-O-Suswasthyer Path:
A collection of articles, poems, stories, plays, film-scripts etc. on Family Planning.
Edited by Sri Malay Dewanji.
Rs. 15/-
4. Aleek Prithibi-O-Keuter Chhobol:
A collection of two plays on the evil of drug addicion by Sri Amal Roy.
Rs. 12/-
5. Santal Samaje Daini Pratha:
A Book on Witchcraft Practices by Shri Pradip Kr. Bhattacharya Translated & Edited by Smt. Susmita Chowdhury.
Rs. 15/-
6. Dalit Natya Guchchha:
A collection of Dalit one-act plays
Written by Sri Amal Roy.
Edited by Sri Malay Dewanji.
Rs. 20/-
7. Pratibadi Jiban : A collection of Dalit poems of protest.
Edited by Sri Malay Dewanji.
Rs. 15/-
8. Santhali Nataker Katha:
A brief history of the Santhali plays
By Prof. Dilip Kumar Mitra.
Rs. 20/-
9. Khadya Nirapatta O Swehchhasebi Sanstha:
A translation from FAO documents by Smt. Sunanda Roychowdhury.
Rs. 10/-
10. Karuna Dharay Eso:
A collection of Audio Play on Awareness about AIDS by Sri Amal Roy.
Rs. 10/-
11. “Swayambhar Gosthi / Sanijukta Dal Gathan, Prosikshan O Babosthyapana – Kshudra Sanchay O Rhin Prakalpa”:
Edited by Smt. Shukla Chatterjee
Rs. 10/-
In Oriya
Sr. No. Name of Books Price
1. Bharatiya Banausadhi:
by Dr. Kalipado Biswas & Sri Akkori Ghosh
Rs. 50/-
2. Tarao Soren :
by Sri P. Kisku & Sri P. Chakraborty
Rs. 15/-
3. Sikit Degere Muruk Manmi :
by Sri Banamali Murmu
Rs. 15/-
4. Digdarshi :
by Sri P. Chakraborty
Rs. 15/-
5. Mushroom (Chhatu) Cultivation :
by Sri P. Kisku & Sri Nanda Akhaly
Rs. 25/-
In Santhali
Sr. No. Name of Books Price
1. Lugu Lumam : A quarterly literary journal.
Rs. 6/-
2. Aboren Hapramko : A book on glorious lives of the trribal heroes.
Written by Sri Gorachand Murmu.
Rs. 10/-
3. Ato More Koua Man Hasa : A research-based documentary history of the system of land-donation to the tribal village administrators.
Written by Sri Tarapada Tudu.
Rs. 10/-
4. Sawoar : A collection of poems. Rs. 5/-